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Tour the Street

Flight 001

525 Hayes Street
San Francisco , CA 94102

(415) 487-1084

Mon-Sat 11:00 – 7:00
Sun 11:00 – 6:00

Brad John and John Sencion opened their travel store 3,000 miles away from their first store in Greenwich Village.

Shaped liked the hull of a 747 jetliner, the stark white interior has display shelves and storage bins like those in airplanes. Globes, maps, watches and cosmetics are offered in a shopscape familiar to travelers.

Luggage rests on platforms resembling weighing scales; the cashier's booth looks like a ticket counter; molded plywood fuselage fins add a vaguely nostalgic note to the hip design.

Counting on a witty, stylish product mix of travel bags (Mandarina Duck, Tumi, Rimowa and updated Samsonite), ticket holders and other colorful travel accoutrements (Tusk), they hope to jazz up the dreariest journey. --SF Chronicle

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