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Tandoori Grill

602 Hayes Street
San Francisco , CA 94102

(415) 241-1900

At the Tandoori Grill, you'll find the usual vindaloos, biryanis and tandooris, along with a selection of flavorful naan, including kabli naan, stuffed with cherry, raisins and nuts. For the carnivorous, a spectacular appetizer of assorted tandoori meats containing chicken, lamb kebabs, and cubes of lamb shoulder comes sizzling on a fajita-style hot plate, and fish makhani has delicate nuggets of catfish surrounded by a not-too-hot creamy tomato curry. Vegetarians rejoice: paneer, a mild Indian cheese, is treated like royalty when paired with spinach in saag paneer or peas in mutter paneer, and the eggplant bengan bharta is a spicy, rough-pureed delight. Chunks of vibrant mango and cardamom kulfi, India's take on ice cream, soothes scorched palates.
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